Why Stop at Cancel Rent Cancel Everything

Why Stop at Cancel Rent? Cancel Everything.

Ever since the eviction moratorium was mandated there has been an outcry to cancel rent.

Housing Providers offer an essential service, which is providing housing, however, only Housing Providers have been asked to stop collecting rent. All the other essential services continue to work and get compensated for their services.

Why is that?

Why should we stop at canceling rent and just cancel everything?

Just one question. If we cancel everything, then who will still want to work for free?

Sounds crazy right? That’s actually what Housing Providers are actually doing. Working for free. Please keep in mind, Housing Providers are Human too.

Our Guest Blogger wants to help his fellow Housing providers in the best way he can. He is dedicating himself to be an advocate for housing providers and will use the power of social media along with his Radio Show to spread the word, but he need help from all the other housing providers across the country.

We might not have the major media outlets behind us, but we have the power to be heard through YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the like. Alone, we will not be heard by many, but if we work together we will be able to reach thousands more and then someone will have to take notice.

All the content provided comes from Nick’s own personal perspective. Viewers should use their own discretion of how to conduct their own personal Real Estate business and all information provided is based on opinion. Housing Providers from al 50 States are welcome to send their videos Not limited to only NYC Housing Providers.

Please email your videos to: realestateplateradio@gmail.com

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