Who We Choose On Tuesday Will Change Affordable Housing Forever

Who We Choose On Tuesday Will Change Affordable Housing Forever

Who We Choose On Tuesday Will Change Affordable Housing Forever

It’s imperative that we vote. As housing providers and advocates for affordable housing, we want to make sure people not only vote, but elect candidates that bring a commonsense approach to housing during this time and that can limit the negative impact and industry damaging eviction moratoriums. We encourage voters to research the candidates positions on housing issues such as rental assistance, mortgage relief and responsibly ending the eviction moratoriums – and voting for candidates who will keep rental housing sustainable and affordable. Voters can use sites such as Ballotpedia.org to start their research.

The responsibility to do everything possible to preserve our existing rental housing stock extends to those of us in the housing community as well as policymakers. Renters and housing providers are not, and should not, be adversaries. Instead both are two sides of a single coin. Each is dependent on the other to succeed. If renters fail, so does housing. Likewise, for rental housing to remain viable for renters, those who have invested in our communities must succeed. True housing advocates realize this. We just need our policymakers to join us.

The National Housing Provider Coalition (NHPC) is an alliance advocating forfunding rental housing assistance which eliminates the need for moratoriums, evictions and prevents housing failure.  The housing coalition represents thousands of units in states including Massachusetts, Florida, Wisconsin, Kansas, Washington, Illinois, Missouri and Puerto Rico.

Our policymakers must immediately take the proper steps to prevent 2021 from becoming the worse housing crash in America’s history.   

Contact: Stacey Johnson-Cosby
National Housing Provider Coalition

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