The Landlord's Side - A Landlord Widow's Story - A Schenectady Landlord

The Landlord’s Side – A Landlord Widow’s Story – A Schenectady Landlord

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This is a Schenectady Landlord Story – A Landlord Widow Who Is Struggling To Survive Under The Eviction Moratorium. Her rent is her only income after buying 14 rental properties since 2010. She has so many tenants not paying rent that she can’t pay some mortgages and can’t afford to fix up the 4 vacant units that need repairs before she can rent them again. Some renters are not responding.

Watch The Whole Video The Eviction Moratorium Has Devastated Small Landlords Landlords from al 50 States are welcome to send their videos

Not limited to only NYC Landlords Landlords Email your videos to:

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