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Housing Provider Symposium

A LIVE VIRTUAL INTERACTIVE EVENT FOR INDUSTRY LEADERS TO #GetTheRentPaid No Need to #CancelRent When #TogetherWeCan #GetTheRentPaid Thursday, April 1st @7:00 PM Eastern / 6:00 PM Central Via Live Stream Better than pending evictions in most cases, tapping into the $25 Billion PLUS in Rental Assistance that is Available Nationwide to get the Nation’s Renters […]

Avoid Another Housing Crash – Eviction-Prevention& Emergency Rental Assistance is Needed Today!

Letter to Congress The U.S. Census Bureau estimates that as many as 34 million individual renters in the United States are at risk of eviction when the CDC and state eviction moratoriums are lifted. 1 Almost nine percent of all US residents are at risk of being displaced. This would represent a human tragedy on […]

Why Stop at Cancel Rent? Cancel Everything.

Ever since the eviction moratorium was mandated there has been an outcry to cancel rent. Housing Providers offer an essential service, which is providing housing, however, only Housing Providers have been asked to stop collecting rent. All the other essential services continue to work and get compensated for their services. Why is that? Why should […]

The Landlord’s Side – A Landlord Widow’s Story – A Schenectady Landlord

Please Share This Video Landlords Need to Be To Heard – Landlords Send Your Stories This is a Schenectady Landlord Story – A Landlord Widow Who Is Struggling To Survive Under The Eviction Moratorium. Her rent is her only income after buying 14 rental properties since 2010. She has so many tenants not paying rent […]

The Landlord’s Side – A Brooklyn Landlord Story

The Landlord’s Side – Brooklyn Landlord Please Share This Video Landlords Need to Be To Heard – Landlords Send Your Stories This a Brooklyn Landlord Story – Clarence – Watch The Whole Video. He started eviction proceedings way before COVID started. These evictions have been extended and extended and extended. He has depleted all of […]

Who We Choose On Tuesday Will Change Affordable Housing Forever

It’s imperative that we vote. As housing providers and advocates for affordable housing, we want to make sure people not only vote, but elect candidates that bring a commonsense approach to housing during this time and that can limit the negative impact and industry damaging eviction moratoriums. We encourage voters to research the candidates positions […]